Rain, Rain, Go Away! Our favorite rainy day activities in Taipei

Best Indoor Places to Take Kids to In Taipei

Disclaimer – yes we know, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, and we need to practice social distancing, but let’s face it, Taiwan does rain a lot. So it is imperative that moms and dads have plenty of rain day options readily available. Our indoor activities sections offers you a lot of options so be sure to explore that. Here are our favorite activities to do when it’s pouring cats and dogs outside. Comment below to tell us what are yours?

1. Ninja Factory – Fun Taiwan Kids

We like it because it’s a short taxi ride away, or a few MRT stops, you can exhaust your energizer bunnies in just 1 hour. It has areas suitable from toddler to teenagers. Be sure to bring your own anti-skidding socks or you can buy theirs at the door. There’s an sitting area near by the entrance for the parents to chill and hang out while your kids knock themselves out.

2. Taipei Astronomical Museum – Fun Taiwan Kids

Take a 15 minute taxi from Taipei City center to the Astronomic Museum. It’s got 4 stories of science, space and astronomy wonder. Also an IMAX theater to watch some cool videos of space and Milky Way. There is also a playroom inside for kids to run around and parents to relax a bit. Only $100NT per head. Make it educational, and fun for kids!

3. Miramar Entertainment Park – Fun Taiwan Kids

Accessible by Brown Line MRT, we like to go to Miramar Shopping Center and Entertainment Park. It has arcade Tom’s World, Movie Cinema, Ferris wheel and the latest addition is Taipei’s largest Muji store, with glass blowing studio and a small sitting area and library for kids. Plus plenty of restaurants and food court to grab lunch or dinner.

4. Spring City Shrimp Fishing Restaurant – Fun Taiwan Kids

If you enjoy it, and don’t mind the mess at this place, kids love shrimp fishing at this place, and cook up the shrimp that they just catch. About 20 minutes outside of Taiwan, once you pass the National Palace Museum, there’s a street with lots of these shrimp fishing restaurants. We go to Spring City where it’s 24 hours and you can go anytime. $350 per hour for the fishing rod and just grab a seat to hang out. It’s quite exciting for the kids when they catch a shrimp.

5. Daan Park Station MRT – Fun Taiwan Kids

Sometimes we just ran out of ideas and we hang out inside the MRT and wait for the rain to stop. Guess what? It’s packed with bored kids and parents just like us. If we are lucky, sometimes we catch performances playing inside the station.

What are your favorite places to take the kids when it’s raining and cold outside?


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