Shang Shun World Excursion for Chinese New Year

Over the CNY Holiday, I decided very last minute (so typical) that I was going to plan a short family get-away. Because of the horrendous traffic over CNY – Hsin Chu was as far as I wanted to go. Also given the cold, rainy weather forecast, it was important that we could do activities indoors. Somehow Shang Shun World came up in my research. With a hotel right next to this gigantic indoor amusement park, we booked, rented a car, and were ready to go.

First the connecting hotel – Grand Royal Hotel. The hotel is relatively new and the rooms were very spacious, definitely a good fit for a family of 4. I appreciated the two king size beds but i think this is probably a 3 star hotel. I was a little disappointed that the carpet wasn’t as clean as I expected and the bathrooms didn’t have a lot of amenities. Regardless, the kids loved it and enjoyed the big bed and the tub. I think the rooms normally cost about NT$3000-$4000 per night, but because I’m booking at the busiest time of the year, it cost me $6500NT.

尚順君樂飯店 苗栗住宿飯店首選尚順君樂飯店,提供218間寬敞舒適客房、結合全台最好玩的主題遊樂園尚順育樂天地及購物血拼天堂尚順購物中心,200桌席大型宴會廳、多功能會議、婚宴諮詢、商務中心、會議展覽空間等多功能服務,提供完善貼心的五星級服務,為苗栗頭份市中心唯一四星級旅館 – 結合 尚順君樂飯店 購物中心與 尚順君樂飯店 育樂天地 (

If you are staying at the hotel, you can inquiry about the 2 days pass at Shang Shun World that only cost $450. We didn’t find out about it until the second day. Still, it was a great deal at $430 on Klook for most attractions. Merry-Go-‘Round on the ground floor, and as you go up, the higher the floors, more suitable for the older kids. My favorite for the kids were the indoor play gym and the zipline on the 6th floor. The ziplines I would recommend for kids 8 or above. for younger kids, they can walk on the tight rope on the lower beams. For kids who love rock climbing, this could be a lot of fun.

My girls had a great time just running around in this huge play gym and working up a sweat.

Here are some other attractions from the other floors.

We stayed there from 11am to 5pm with short breaks in between for snacks. They kids wanted to maximize their time inside and I was happy to oblige. I paid extra for a VR ride on the 6th floor and the bouncy castle for my 5 year old on the first floor. It took us about 90 minutes to drive home form Miaoli to Taipei. A fun, short get-away from Taipei, would I be back again? Well, if the kids ask for it, then yes why not?

尚順育樂世界:尚順育樂世界 (


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