Fun Taiwan Summer Camp 2023: An immersive Mandarin Learning Experience!

【Fun Taiwan Summer Camp 2023】

Join us in Taiwan this summer for a fun, engaging and creative camp that aims to spark fun and joy in speaking Mandarin whilst making new friends. Fun Taiwan Kids and Fun Study Nest presents – Fun Taiwan Camp, an Immersive Mandarin learning experience.  Campers are enrolled in Mandarin classes in the morning with a teacher with over 15 years of Mandarin teaching experience.  In the afternoon, they immerse in an all-Mandarin environment, engage in fun activities, build friendships with local Taiwanese children, and practice Chinese straight away through interaction!

Suitable for kids from ages 6-12, Fun Taiwan Camp is a bespoke Mandarin immersion experience that combines textbook learning, storytelling and lessons in conversational Mandarin aimed to build campers’ listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing abilities.  In the morning, campers will be in an intimate classroom setting with 10-15 students.  The small class size enables teacher to provide focused attention to make the most of the Mandarin learning.  In the afternoon, Fun Taiwan Campers join the local Taiwanese children for fun and creative activities. The camp will also organize themed activities in the afternoon such as bugs class, magic class and Taiwanese/Chinese cultural learning.

Once a week, campers take a half-day excursion to nearby cities for various outdoor and nature activities.  During Session 3, campers will have an option to go on an overnight camping trip to Northeastern and Yi-lan Coast National Scenic Area. What better way to learn Chinese through play, immersion and making new friends?   

Spaces are limited so register today!

Camper qualifications

Non-native Chinese speakers and overseas children ages 6-12 (Grades 1-6 for the following school year) with basic Mandarin speaking and listening comprehension.  Campers should be able to express basic needs like going to bathroom or feeling unwell.  However, there will be teachers and teachers ‘assistants onsite who speak English.  

【Camp Sessions】

Session 1 (3 weeks) – 2023/6/12 (Monday) to 2023/06/30 (Friday) (6/22-23 No Camp due to Dragon Boat Festival)

Session 2 (2 weeks) – 2023/07/10 (Monday) to 2023/07/21 (Friday)

Session 3 (2 weeks) – 2023/7/24 (Monday) to 2023/8/4 (Friday) (8/2-8/4 optional for campers to go on an 3 days 2 night overnight trip)

【Camp Time】

  • Full Day:  Monday to Friday, 9am (Drop off) 17:00pm (Pick up time may vary depending on the activity of the day)  

【Camp Summary】

Camp Weekly Schedule (To Be Confirmed):

The schedule below is a reference of the daily program at Fun Taiwan Camp.  Final schedule and program will be sent out to parents before the first day of each session.

【Teacher Qualification】

Veteran Chinese teacher with 15 years of experience at international schools and Mandarin language institutes in Taiwan.  Expert in teaching young kids Chinese as a second language.    

【Class Size】

Minimum 15, Maximum 20 campers

【Camp Classroom Locations】

  • Renai Classroom
  • Address: 1F., No. 38, Ln. 295, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Tel: +886-2-2706-0303

(Renai classroom is 5-8min walking distance from Xinyi Anhe and Zhongxiao Dunhwa MRT Station。)

【營隊費用】Total Camp Fees  

Session 1 (3 weeks) – 2023/6/12 (Monday) to 2023/06/30 (Friday) (6/22-23 No Camp due to Dragon Boat Festival)

Session 2 (2 weeks) – 2023/07/10 (Monday) to 2023/07/21 (Friday)

Session 3 (2 weeks) – 2023/7/24 (Monday) to 2023/8/4 (Friday) (8/2-8/4 optional for campers to go on an 3 days 2 night overnight trip)

  • Campers who register for two sessions will receive a one-time 5% discount off tuition.
  • A 5% one-time group discount off tuition is available to groups of 2 or more campers who register together.
  • Discounts may not be combined.
  • Campers bear the cost of wire transfer or other bank fees
  • Minimum 10 campers are needed to start each session.  If minimum is not reached, total camp fees are fully refundable (excluding the registration and books & other materials fees). 


  1. All three sessions are full. Please email for your desired session, child(ren) name and age to be placed on waitlist. When spaces are available, parents will be asked to fill out information on the registration form.
  2. Fun Taiwan Camp will send out more information and payment details within 5 – 7 business days.
  3. Parents should complete payment via wire transfer within 5-7 business days and reply with payment information.  Parents are responsible for wire fees and other bank fees incurred as a part of the payment or refund process.
  4. After payment is confirmed, a confirmation will be sent to parents’ e-mail.  Enrollment is complete when parents receive email confirmation.

【Contact Information】



  • Q:  My trip to Taiwan doesn’t match up with the session schedule.  Can I sign up for the camp partially?
  • A: Campers should ideally participate for the full duration of a session (2 weeks) and priority will be given to those who are able to do so.  Interested campers who wish to attend less than 2 weeks will be placed on a wait list.
  • Q:  Can campers sign up for only the morning Mandarin classes and not participate in the afternoon activities?
  • A: We have designed the camp to create the best, immersive Mandarin learning experience.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate campers who cannot attend the full day of camp.
  • Q:  My child is 5, can he/she sign up?
  • A: We find that children over age of 6 will get the most out of the camp. We strongly encourage you to wait to apply after the child turns 6.
  • Q:  I’m not comfortable with sending my child to an overnight trip in session 3, can we skip it?
  • A: Absolutely! That’s why we didn’t include the cost of the trip in session three. There is also an option to come home earlier and go on the 2D1N trip.

General Information

  • Q:  What is the student-teacher ratio for Chinese classroom lessons?
  • A:  The class size will be between 10-20 students. We will have 1 teacher and 1 teacher’s assistant (TA) during class.
  • Q:  How does the camp handle campers with different levels of Chinese language ability? How do you ensure an optimal learning experience?
  • A:  After the initial assessment test, students will be identified as beginner or advanced learners. The small class size will enable teachers to give focused teaching according to the student’s level. Homework assignments will also be assigned in accordance to student levels.
  • Q:  What happens if you mix local kids with overseas kids and they speak English to each other?
  • A:  We believe that when kids who speak different languages play together, it greatly benefits foreign language learning for all, regardless of the language they converse in. It is more important for kids with language barriers to play, connect, embrace language differences, and help each other improve.
  • Q:  Can parents join campers for the outdoor activities?
  • A:  In the interest of creating an optimal learning environment, parents will not be able to participate in any camp activities.  
  • Q: What is the transportation arrangement for outdoor excursions?
  • A:For some outdoor activities, campers will take public transportation with the teachers and TAs. For full day excursions, private buses will be chartered.
  • Q: What kind of lunch will be provided?  What if campers have dietary requirements or restrictions?
  • A:  Fun Taiwan Camp provides delicious, healthy, and nutritious meals in local style. If campers have known food allergies, please inform the teacher in advance. If campers wish to prepare their own lunch, the meal cost will not be refunded or excluded from total camp fees.  
  • Q:  How often is the classroom cleaned and sanitized?
  • A:  A custodian cleans the classroom, bathroom, and surfaces every day.
  • Q:  Why do the campers have to take off shoes indoors?
  • A:  This ensures the cleanliness of the classroom environment. Campers will also be required to wear socks.

Refund Policy 

  • Q:  I have already finished enrollment and completed payment. However, I now won’t be able to travel to Taiwan. Can I get a refund?
  • A: The registration fee, books and other materials fees are non-refundable.  Refunds for tuition may be processed under the following conditions
  1. If for any reason, Fun Taiwan Camp cancels the camp 1-5 business days before the 1st day of the session, total camp fees (excluding the registration fee) will be refunded.  
  2. If for any reason, campers wish to cancel enrollment, 90% of the tuition will be refunded provided that the cancelation request is emailed at least 1 business day before the first day of camp.
  3. If campers wish to cancel enrollment before the end of the 1st week, only 50% of the tuition will be refunded.
  4. There will be no refunds of tuition after the end of 1st week of camp.    
  • Refunds will not be processed until the end of September 2023. It may take up to 45 working days after processing for campers to receive refunds. The registrant shall bear the cost of the wire transfer and other bank fees incurred during the refund process.  
  • Q: What will happen to the camp if the pandemic situation deteriorates and Taiwan’s government cancels all in-person classes?
  • A:  If in-person class is not permitted because of the pandemic, Chinese classes will be held online and the afternoon sessions will be canceled. Tuition will be partially refunded. Fun Taiwan Camp reserves the right to adjust the camp as necessary.   
  • Q: If for any reason a camper decides to take leave for a few days or call in sick, can we get a refund for the missed days?
  • A:  Regretfully, refunds will not be provided for any leaves of absence.
  • Q: If the camp is canceled due to typhoons or other natural disasters, will we receive a refund?
  • A:  We regretfully will not be able to provide refunds for camp cancellations due to typhoons or natural disasters.
  • Q:  Are campers required to participate in outdoor excursions? If not, can I get a refund?
  • A:  Refunds will not be provided for campers opting out of any outdoor activities, excursions, or trips for any reason.  Fun Taiwan Camp reserve the right to adjust or changes the activities.
  • Q: If the activities are canceled because of the pandemic, will they be rescheduled?
  • A: Fun Taiwan Camp reserves the right to adjust or change the activities in accordance with the situation. Activity fees may be partially refunded.


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