Tacos and more at Masa Taco Zhongshan

I want my kids to be adventures eaters like us.

We love food and we love all types of food. We want the kids to enjoy and appreciate different types of culture and certainly their food. My eldest seems to be a foodie in the making. Every time he eats something he enjoys, he likes to critique it and compares to something similar he had before. Spice is something he also enjoys. It started when he was young and now he can probably take more spice than me. Mexican food is one of his favorites. The other day he was just saying how he misses a good taco. We decided to venture out to Masa, at their relatively new location in Zhongshan. It’s about a short 5 minute walk from the MRT station. We got there before the lunch crowd comes in and was able to grab a big table.

We ordered the super fries, chorizo, fried fish, pork, beef tacos, American tacos, corn salad, friend cauliflower…etc. everything was delicious and so satisfying.

Great meal and we devour everything in 20 minutes. We went there for the good food and the kid friendliness was a bonus. I didn’t see any high chairs there, so would recommend kids who can sit comfortably in an adult chair to join. It is clean and has a sink to wash your hands to clean up the mess you made whilst eating taco. My 5 year old didn’t enjoy the flavor as much as her siblings, but she fought for those fries and ate the cauliflower. The kids favorites were the super fries, which had taco, beef, salsa, mixed with cheese and fries. Max said it was the second best fries he’s ever had in Taipei. I asked him what was the best fries in Taipei. He said Burger King’s cheese fries. hmmm. interesting.

MASA -線上外帶外送訂購官網 (oddle.me)


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