Day trip to Lih Pao Race Park and Lih Pao Land

Entrance at LihPao Amusement Park

For the long 228 weekend, I thought 3 weeks planning in advance was enough time to pick a destination, book a hotel and plan some activities. Not quite. After I had settled on the LihPao Land – a large amusement park in Taichung, I couldn’t find any decent hotels that I wanted for under $10K NT. I saw a suite on that I liked at a local boutique hotel, but by the time I was ready to book and pay, it was GONE! I guess it wasn’t meant to be. So we decided to make it a day trip instead. It turns out – it was meant to be because I had completely forgot about Ashley’s color guard practice at school. We decided to let the eldest Max go with his buddy earlier in the morning, visit the race park and we would catch up with them in the amusement park in the afternoon.

The LihPao Group in Taichung not only has a huge amusement park, race park, outlet mall, and a hotel. During the summer, there’s also a water park that I’ve heard a lot about. So Max left with friends earlier that day at 9am and got to the LihPao Race Park around 11am and from the photos our friends sent, looks like tons of fun for kids who loves fast cars and racing.

It claims to be Taiwan’s biggest and only FIA approved outdoor go-karting tracks. The tracks were about 1.5KM and the experience was about 8 minutes. Suitable for kids over 10 and older. Despite crashing over into a wall of tires. Max said that was the best go-karting in Taiwan so far. But the flying in the wind tunnel experience was even better.

The indoor sky diving or flying in the wind tunnel was a first experience for Max which he loved. I think the whole thing only lasted 1.5 minutes but going against gravity is always fun and in this case – very cold too. Forget about the kids – I want to try it next time!!! Surprisingly – there’s no age limit. Under 18 needs to have guardian sign off on release form and be present.

More details here – Lih Pao Racing Park – Fun Taiwan Kids

After we met up with friends, I took the girls to Lih Pao Land and the more age appropriate sections for them. The lines weren’t incredibly long. The most we waited was 10 minutes, some rides had no waiting time. The amusement park had all the basics, like spinning cup, merry go-round, Ferris wheel, carousel…etc. Although all the attractions i would say felt a little bit old and needed an update. I think after a week of rain and cold in Taipei, the kids were just happy about sunny, gorgeous weather with fun things to do.

Surprisingly, they also had an indoor section with indoor playgrounds.

The amusement park was so big, and since it closes at 5pm and we got there after 2pm, there were areas i didn’t visit. Max and friends went to the rollercoaster section and went on some scary rides they said.

We head to the outlet mall area to have dinner, and passed by the hotel and the entrance to the water park. I think on our next trip, it’s definitely worth stay at least 1 night to hit all the outdoor fun, and then some. The outlet mall felt very much like an US outlet – but with not so interesting brands. Overall a fun experience for all, and the drive home was 90minutes which was much better than the way there. A fun half day excursion for all ages.

More info here : Lih Pao Land – Fun Taiwan Kids


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