The Leofoo Village theme amusement park located in Hsinchu, not only offers the fun and exciting Leofoo Land Park and Leofoo Water Park, there is also the children’s zoo. You can even feed and interact with many animals like the ring-tailed lemurs up close. It is recommended to book the train as soon as you enter the park, and then take the children to the "Beast Zone Bus Stop" to watch the Bengal tiger, Taiwanese black bear, African lion and other animals. Coming to Leofoo Village, the water park is a must-visit place specially in hot sunny days. For smaller kids you can bring them to the "water maze", where the water depth is only 30 cm suitable for adults and kids to play together! They also have water slides and mini waves that come every half an hour together with a big sand pit next to it for the kids to have fun. With more tha 16 facitlies to ride, there are lots of fun facilities for young children in Leofoo Village. Staying overnight at the hotel is an option, and children get to see wild animals outside their window when they wake up in the morning.


Guanxi Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan 306

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