Goodbye 2022 – Hello 2023!

Happy 2023!

A very happy 2023 to all! If I have to sum up 2022 with one word, it would be busy, multi-tasking, or hectic, or chaotic. In fact, it was all of the above. We started the year normal like any other year, and then life threw us a few curve balls, but at the end, I think we caught them alright. Let’s start with the milestones……

Graduation – My eldest M graduated from elementary school. Unfortunately, mom and dad were not able to be there in person because of the pandemic but it’s the first of many graduations to come.

Fun Taiwan Kids – We launched the website last year, but it wasn’t until this year, we started building the online community on FB. I took an existing FB group that I admin where members were mostly our own friends and family, opened that to the public. By year end, we grew the audience to 1.3K and growing! Through the community, I was able to meet other content creators like @MamaBabyMandarin and @musicandtales. Together, we held our first community playdate and met more families in person. In 2023, we hope to grow the community and followers but of course the purpose is to build a sense of community online and offline of expat, traveling, and local families in Taiwna.

Fun Taiwan Camp – kicked off our very first session and now running our winter camp session. We expect our summer 2023 session to be the biggest with the number of inquiries that we’ve received.

Fun Taiwan Home – also took off almost on its own after we gave our first commercial property Xinyi residence a complete makeover and overhaul. And then, we were able to add a second property, managing it for a friend. Renai Studio was a unit that came back into our orbit after initially turning it down. After an extensive and complete renovation, it’s looking very chic and cozy. We were thrilled to welcome our first group of guests right before the new years and hope to welcome many more who will call it their home in Taipei. We hope to take it to new heights in 2023.

Travel – We were finally travel outside Taiwan for the first time in 3 years. The kids and Daddy went to Vancouver for a solid 6 weeks. I went to US for work on my own for one week and then came back for a 3-day quarantine. We hope to travel as a family to new and old places that we love. There are family members whom I haven’t seen in 3 years’ time, including a brand-new baby nephew. That’s all part of the plan in 2023.

Personally – I hope to be more present with the family. 2023 was a year where I took multi-tasking to the MAX – and a lot of it was coordinating projects and plans on iPhone. With the kids getting older, we also allowed more screen time. Sometimes, I look over during family time, everyone was on their devices. In 2023, I hope we do more family activities, better quality times, experience things as a family and bond/grow as a family. Oh, and I want to sleep earlier, eat better, exercise more, just be in better shape in general.

2022 was not without its share of pain and heartaches. I lost an aunt to Alzheimer’s and a mommy friend to cancer. Both departures gave me a rude awakening that I need to be grateful for everything I have, that our time here on earth is finite and I needed to take more smart risks to accomplish what I want to do – and there are so many! So, here’s to a healthy, happy and productive 2023!

Thank you for following my journey here. A very joyful and prosperous 2023 to you and your family. Hope you visit us in Taipei and have fun with your kids in Taiwan!



(photos of my goofy kids Xmas 2022 who can’t keep a straight face during picture taking)


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