Fun Taiwan Kids – Who We Are & How We Got Started!

About Me

Hi there!  Welcome to Fun Taiwan Kids!

Born in Taiwan, raised in the US, lived in Hong Kong, Singapore and now resides in Taipei, I am a working mother of three in the tech industry.  My previous experiences include film publicist, broadcasting journalist, and entertainment news presenter.  My passions include film, music, fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, and above all, my family.  Nothing is more challenging and rewarding as my most important job – mother to 3 monkeys ages 13,8,5. They are the reasons that I do everything that I do, and the reason that I drink a copious amount of wine. 

About Fun Taiwan Kids

Fun Taiwan Kids started as a passion project of mine, when I began sharing online about what a great place Taiwan is for family and kids. At the time, we were living in Hong Kong but spending a lot of time in Taiwan during holidays and school breaks to visit our parents.  In a few year’s time, when an opportunity came up to move back to Taiwan with the family, we took it, uprooted the kids and Taiwan is our permanent home…. for now. With Fun Taiwan Kids, we hope to build the best online English resource for international families who live in Taiwan and families who love visiting on winter/summer holidays.

Drop us a line, say hello, and tell us what brings you to Taiwan and what do you want to see on our blog!




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